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Ninja Skills

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Opis: This is a strategic assassination game, sneak by all the guards and elliminate "only" your targets. You are provided with limited means to disposing of the guards but you will not recieve the points bonous and your ninja rating at the end of the game will be lower. In other words it is a game of selective difficulty. You become faster with every level and you also recieve addtional abilities such as moving while stealthed and snunning fist, which allows you to stun certain guards. keep out of sight ;)

Instrukcije: Navigation - arrow keys Hide - Spacebar Stun Trap - Ctrl Throw Shuriken(ninja star) - Shift (points bonus and higher ranking for not using it) You can hide in the green view area and remain unseen but in the red u will be seen. Touch your target from behind to assasinate him, this will save your progress, the trap door is also a save point unless your objective is achieved in which case it will end the mission. When you have stunning fist you can touch the red guards from behind to stun them.

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