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FreeCell Solitaire

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Opis: The classic FreeCell game. Unique about This game is that it allows you to replay the old windows game levels. The levelnumbers on this game correspond exactly with the levels of the original windows game. Remove all cards to the top right cells to win a level.

Instrukcije: Construction and layout: - One standard 52-card deck is used. - There are four open cells and four open foundations. - Cards are dealt into eight cascades, four of which comprise seven cards and four of which comprise six. Building during play: - The top card of each cascade begins a tableau. - Tableaux must be built down by alternating colors. - Foundations are built up by suit. Moves: - Any cell card or top card of any cascade may be moved to build on a tableau, or moved to an empty cell, an empty cascade, or its foundation. - Complete or partial tableaus may be moved to build on existing tableaus, or moved to empty cascades, by recursively placing and removing cards through intermediate locations. Victory: - The game is won after all cards are moved to their foundation piles.

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