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Paks Papagaj online

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Opis: Papagaj kartaska igra koja moze da se igra i sa drugim igracima !

Instrukcije: Game Rules: On each card there is an image of a bird, a family indication (color), and a number. The number indicates the bird's wingspan in centimeters. In this Pax game, larger wingspan mean a stronger card! In order to win a level you should earn as many cards and wingspan as you can. The more you advance in levels, the more wingspan you will have to accumulate in order to win. You can estimate your status by the feather indicator on the right side of the table. Game flow: Each player is dealt a hand of six cards. The player who won the last round starts the current one by placing one card on the table, then the second player does the same. The player who placed the card with a larger wingspan wins both cards. "Pax" - When both players' cards are of the same family and/or value, each player risks three random cards taken from the top of each pile, and places them upside down on the table. A 4th card from the top of the pile will determine who won all the cards on the table. If the families or values equal again, another round of Pax will begin. "BringAlong" - You can use a card to aid another from the same family. If your opponent countered your first card with a stronger one, you can put a 2nd card from the same family on the table adding its wingspan to the first card. Your opponent can then do the same. If you happen to hold a third card from the same family you can then add it, and so on.

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